Two Sisters Lost a Combined 91 Pounds

“I think being in a diet as a family helps us individually because if you have one person on a diet and they buy a whole bunch of junk food that stirs temptation. Since we are all with the same diet, we’re not tempted and we’re in this together. So being together is like our own personal support for each other.”

Emma is Thankful to Dr. Katsura

“If there wasn’t a doctor that supervising us, I probably would just quit the diet and wouldn’t be as devoted. But since we’re doing weigh ins every week, I’m actually looking forward to weigh in and to see how much I accomplished to tell him this is what I’m doing and I’m proud of what I’m doing.

Before, when I was playing basketball, I used to not run as much because I’m embarrassed of people judging me just for running but now I’m just all out there and giving it my all and a lot of people are actually complimenting me on it, too.

I think being in a diet as a family helps us individually. Since we’re on the same diet, we don’t have to have that extra food there for temptation. So, being together is like our own personal support for each other.

I would say thank you for changing my life, for showing me the right way to do it. I’ve tried so many things but it didn’t work. I would get mad at myself and say it’s my fault but I’ve been doing the wrong thing. Now, I know an easier and more comfortable way that fits for me and my family.”

Maddie Feels Great

“We’ve tried a billion different diets because we’ve been all kinds of overweight and chunky and my mom did a lot of research and she found Dr. Katsura and researched it more and we decided that we’d try it because we liked it.

It makes me feel great about myself now. I’m feeling so much more confident walking around school. I can wear anything I want, basically. Shopping is a lot more fun because I can fit into clothes that are super cute instead of going to plus sizes! It feels amazing.

I ended up setting one big goal and then along the way maybe I turn into a little goal and reach it and then I’ll do another one. It’s actually kind of fun because I love to accomplish things. It’s my kind of personality. I compete with myself. So it’s really fun.

Thank you so much for changing my life. I feel better. I feel so much more confident.”