Terri Lost 15 Stubborn Pounds

“I’ve tried almost every diet in the market and only dietMD Hawaii worked for me.”
“I met Dr. Bruce Katsura after being in a car accident about three years ago and have been a client of his ever since. While in his office waiting to be seen, I noticed an ad in his office which claimed “Lose 30 pounds in 30 days.” Being a skeptic, I took a brochure anyway.

I’ve tried many diets before with no real results. After about a year, I finally asked Dr. Katsura about dietMD Hawaii. He scheduled me for a consultation for dietMD. After hearing what he had to say about the program, I decided to give it a try.

I started dietMD Hawaii on 01 June 2012 at one hundred and forty pounds with 32% body fat. Since then, I got my weight down to one hundred and thirteen pounds with 22% body fat. I am currently in the maintenance phase to keep the weight off.

With Dr. Katsura, the maintenance program is excellent. He helps you get less carbs and more on protein. It’s mostly protein and veggies you’re eating, which yield low carbs. I’ve been with dietMD Hawaii for two years now and lost thirty five pounds so far. It may be hard the first couple of days. But once it started rolling, it works out fine. I lost one to two pounds a day in my first couple of days!

I’ve tried almost every diet in the market and only dietMD Hawaii worked for me. It was the best thing with the protein. Dr. Katsura works on each individual separately. In my case, I did the five to six hundred calorie diet. I wanted to lean out and it worked just fine with me. So it’s just high protein, water, and seeing the doctor for your vitamins. And he gives us this small multi-vitamin shots.

Exercise is the big part of the program. He pushes more cardio and not too much weights. This makes me really lean out and I am very happy with the program.

I recommend dietMD and Dr. Katsura for several reasons. I’ve met Dr. Katsura thru accident and was being seen for that. And then I became a patient of him under dietMD Hawaii. For the beautiful results that I’ve gained, I would refer Dr. Katsura to friends and family.”

– Terri L.