Tanya S. lost 44 pounds

“Well it’s some kind of serendipity actually. I have had moments in the past when I was shocked into realization that I became so overweight. I felt embarrassed about my weight and just didn’t feel happy about myself. At this point, I was walking home in Waikiki and happened to stop at a park bench and saw this business card for Diet Hawaii MD lying about. I picked it up, I didn’t really think too much about it actually. I went home, relaxed for a while and later that evening saw a commercial about the program. It spoke about a medically supervised program that was new to me, and then I called.

The appointment was set and I went in and actually started on that day. This was the same day my daughter started pre-school. I said to myself, I wanted to be healthy for my daughter.

I am 43 years old now, so that was over 30 years now of trying diets and failing. And I finally got to a point where I stopped dieting and you know what, I am just fat. You know, I can just kind of settled down. But once you have a child late in life, you know, I had a daughter at 39, I wanna be healthy so I can be around for her longer. So, that was the motivator. And Dr Katsura has given me the tools to make it happen. And it’s happening.

I’m 44 pounds down, two-thirds off the way I weighed and I’m en route to achieving a BMI of 22. I started at 37.4 so I’m very proud and even though it has been hard, it’s been so effective and with the support of the team around me, and the aid of a diet suppressant, and just eating protein and filling full, and simple things like drinking water, I thought I was drinking water, but now I can down 200 ounces of water every day.

And Dr. Katsura definitely was part of that. You have to make the commitment to yourself. But when you walk to that door and you sit down with him, he offers a program that is very affordable. And he offers solutions that are very honest and easy to follow. And I get to go to his office once a week, and I love the B12 and B6 vitamins that I get. That really helped me. I like the support of being weighed, my blood pressure is the reminder, watching my blood pressure going down, taking my BMI weekly, watching that go down, you know that you have to do it. Even on the weak moments. You think about walking to that office and stepping on that scale, and that always give you that extra support and push that I needed. And his personality, you know, he’s such a warm honest person. I don’t feel like there is any judgment. I feel like he truly knows that I’m gonna succeed. There’s no doubt, you know, and I don’t let him down. And so that’s another aspect of Dr. Katsura that I really much appreciate.


–Tanya S