Susan Lost 55 Pounds

“I sort of found Dr Katsura and dietMD Hawaii through an article in the newspaper. Something about trying something new in weight-loss reduction. I decided to join this program because of the knowledge that it has a doctor involved. I said, wow, that’s cool, ’cause I tried everything else. And never had great success for very long.

I had been on every diet there is. And nothing worked. This one did.

I started last May and I lost 60 pounds and I just kept going, mostly on my own afterwards because I take a lot of vacations and trips to the mainland in-between. The best part was that I noticed in the first week, I think I lost ten pounds so that this gets you started, it gets you motivated to really stick with it.”

Friendly, Professional Staff & A Better Program

“The staff is really friendly, professional and everybody encourages you and it was hard though. The first three months are the hardest because you really are on a strict diet but you get used to it right away. And it’s not like you’re deprived or anything, you know. And I notice that it is a better program, I won’t say names of the other ones I’ve been to, but the other ones I only lost half as much and I would gain it right back, so this one for the long term I believe in this program.”

It’s Real Food – It’s Not About Products That You Buy

“Dr. Katsura’s program is basic and real. And it’s not about products that you buy. You’re eating real food which I think helps you when you reach your goal then you don’t have to keep purchasing products or food from the sources of the other diets. It’s teaching you how to eat right and healthy.”

My Life Has Changed…

“Now I don’t have to buy extra-large clothes anymore. I used to favor baggy clothes to hide my figure. Now I can buy smalls and mediums, smaller sizes. And so shopping is more fun. And the compliments that I get from my family and friends really mean a lot so I think that kind of keeps you motivated too. Whereas before you were afraid to go to a gathering or a party you might not have the right things to wear, you don’t think you’re going to look good so you might not go as often. You won’t isolate yourself and stay home because you’re afraid you won’t look right, you don’t like how you look when you go out. It’s a lot more than the physical changes, it’s about a whole quality of life.”

Dr Katsura Personalizes The Program

“I think Dr Katsura personalizes it. He has a plan that he wants you to follow but he can change it up a little bit depending on your lifestyle and things that you do, maybe your age or the things that you do in your personal life, like your activities and things like that. So it felt more personal plus he make sure before he even start your program that you have the complete blood test and the EKG and he make sure you are healthy before you start.”

Encouragement and a Workable Plan

“He says to try and stay on track and he always said you don’t really count calories, you count carbohydrates. And so he would give you an amount and a range to kind of stay into and he would let you know that it’s okay to have a bite or something, you don’t have to feel totally deprived when you’re going to a celebration or a party or something like that, so he does give you little tips on how could you to make sure that you don’t, you know, completely go off the plan.”

Thank You – I Lost the Weight So Fast

“Thank you, Dr Katsura. I want to thank you and your wonderful staff for the support and encouragement that you gave me all along in reaching my weight loss goal and to keep my weight off. And I truly believe in you and your program and your staff are really a great asset to you.

I lost the weight so fast – so quickly and was able to keep it off!”

“Wow, dietMD Hawaii really works, and believe me I have tried them all!

From liquid diets, Nutri-Systems, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, but this one is the real deal. After 5 months on the plan, I lost a total of 55 pounds and 3 dress sizes. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am and pleased with the great service and assistance from Dr. Katsura and his professional and friendly staff.

What are you waiting for, start 2014 with a Happy New You!!!”

– Suzie A.