Roseline lost 47 Pounds

“When I was 183 pounds, I shopped online because I was too embarrassed to go to the stores. And when the clothes came in, it was either too tight or it didn’t fit me well. But after losing the first 30 pounds with the help of dietMD Hawaii, my confidence went up. I’ve gained confidence to actually go to Macy’s or any actual stores to try on clothes. And it felt so good, looking up in the mirror actually putting it on, and fit. I went from size 16 to size 6. Yes. And that was the best feeling. The best I’ve ever felt.

It all started when I did research on Dr. Katsura’s website and the testimonials really encouraged me. The first week was difficult. I had to cut out a lot of food that I was normally eating. The loss of energy takes some getting used to but it wasn’t so bad after all. I made it through the first week and I saw the pounds come off. I think I dropped like 10 pounds in one week. And the more weight I shed, the more motivated I became. So I just kept going.

Well, this is my second time on the program. I did it two years ago and I started it up again this year. And the first time I lost 50 pounds in four months – between four and five months. Yes. And I was able to maintain it until I lost track of myself again. And I gained almost 30 pounds on the second time. So I went back to him and I lost all 30 pounds. The second time I took up the program I did it with my husband. We did it together. Yes. We motivated each other, stuck to the diet together, and watched the pounds dissolve together. And my husband was very motivated as well after he saw me the first time around. And he himself didn’t believe that it was possible. But after seeing me go through the first time, he went along with me.

We decided to call Dr. Katsura because it is a medically supervised program. Everything else that we tried before was not and it didn’t work for us. Dr Katsura’s program, with his weekly supervision actually worked!

Dr. Katsura, I’d like to say thank you for everything that you and your staff has done for my husband and I. We would do it over and over again if we have to. And to anyone else who has weight problems or has been discouraged in the past, Dr. Katsura is your answer.”

– Roseline S.