Mike Lost 45 Pounds

“Feeling down and out I went to see Dr. Katsura and pretty much he put me on a health plan, a diet plan. Losing over forty pounds, I am now energized. I exercise and I’m looking forward actually for my walks and my runs and I actually participated in great Aloha Run. I also participated in the Ekiden, and I just keep on going. I look forward to continuing my health plan with dietMD and Dr. Katsura.”

Mike’s Doctor Said It Was Crucial To Lose Weight

“Prior to engaging myself in the Diet MD program, I was big and that brought havoc to my health – I had diabetes, bad sleep apnea, and was heading for a serious cardiovascular problems. My doctor advised me that it was crucial for me to lose 50 pounds, but he did not tell me how to do it. So, by myself, I tried to shed off excess pounds by going on several diet fads but none worked out. I enrolled in 24 fitness, and even paid personal trainers just to lose weight but to no avail.”

He Heard About Dr. Katsura From a Friend

“John, a friend of mine who runs a financial service, told me about Dr. Katsura and how much weight he did lose. Having been trying to lose weight, that caught my interest. I went online and started looking up Dr. Katsura and Diet MD. After discovering more about Dr. Katsura and the program, I decided to give him a call.”

Mike Is Diabetic So His Plan Was Customized

“Since I am a diabetic, Dr. Katsura customized a plan for me. He and his staff would do constant follow-ups on how I was progressing on my weight-loss program. For me, knowing your doctor was beside you all the way in achieving that state of wellness you want to achieve means a lot. I would have probably given up after a month in the program without him being physically present to motivate me.”

Mike Lost 40 Pounds In Three Months

“After being in the dietMD Hawaii program for 3 months, I was able to lose 40 pounds and I’ve never felt this good before. I wasn’t into running before because I didn’t have the endurance, but now, I realized I can walk and run faster for longer periods of time. Now, I enjoy running doing 5 miles, and plan to increase that!

The interesting thing is, the program did not just help me lose weight. As I progressed, some of my health concerns were addressed also – my torn calf muscle and tendonitis have greatly improved!

Sometimes, when I look at the mirror, I still could not believe how much weight I lost in just a short period of time. People around are happy to see the “better” me. Sometimes, I am tempted to feast on food but Dr. Katsura would remind me to stay focused on my goal.”

He Gained a More Active Lifestyle and Lost 45 Pounds Total

“Because of the Diet MD program, I now have a positive outlook in life. It seems like I want to do more than just stay at home and watch TV. Just the other week, I went out with friends and did para-sailing to a thousand feet! Next week, I plan to do hiking. These are the things I did not want to do before because the energy was not there.

Thank you, Dr. Katsura, for designing a lose-weight program for me. What I have become now was because of that. You really know your craft. You are not just my doctor but have become a friend to me now.”