Mary R. Lost Over 60 Pounds

Mary R. Avoided Gastric Bypass Surgery

“I found Dr. Katsura by word of mouth from my mom. My mom works for a pediatrician and their patient’s father was a client of Dr. Katsura. My mom actually saw the results and she mentioned it to me after trying so many diets. She asked me to give it a shot and so I did.

Actually I didn’t want to at first but my mom begged me. Prior to that I went to my doctor for my routine check-up and my doctor suggested that I go under a gastric bypass after it was found in a previous visit that my weight was really going up and my health was bad. I was taking medication for diabetes and high blood pressure. He told me that if he doesn’t see any changes in my weight I need to do a gastric bypass as a safer way to lose weight.

I talked to my boyfriend and I also mentioned it to my family and they were kind of scared for me to undergo that kind of surgery. I called my doctor and he told me to make an appointment for the gastric bypass so I did. I called them. They told me about the procedure and I was getting scared so I backed out at the last minute. I told my doctor that I should try to shift to another diet and I did but I gained even more weight. That’s when my mom pushed me to go to dietMD.”

She Lost 70 Pounds “Fast and Without Torture”

“I’ve been in the program for over a year now and I’ve lost a total of 70 lbs. Now I can go up the stairs where before I used to avoid going just upstairs because I would huff and puff and my chest would hurt. Now I could run, I could chase after my son. My son is 8.

Losing 70 lbs in about a year was pretty quick and easy and it’s easy to maintain. I learned to eat healthier and make better food choices. I’ve been maintaining it for the last 4 months. The best thing about my experience is having to lose all this weight fast and without torture.”

The Only Program Mary Tried With Real Results

“Dr. Katsura’s program is much more effective program than the other diets and programs that I have tried. This is the only program that I have tried that I’ve seen real results. Losing weight has changed my life.

I feel much better about myself like I’d like to go to parties more, to shop more now that I’ve lost weight, although I want to lose more. That’s the reason why I’m still in the program. I feel much happier now, am not a grouch anymore. I like to socialize with other people more now.”

“You Don’t Suffer… You Don’t Starve”

“I think Dr. Katsura personalizes his programs on what you can handle or if your body can take it. You don’t suffer in the program, you don’t starve. You get to eat, just picking the right food to eat.

Dr. Katsura a nice and handsome doctor. He’s a pretty straightforward doctor. He’ll explain to you and tell you everything. I felt comfortable with him right away. There were times when I gained weight and I felt like giving up but he would tell me not to give up.

Hey Dr. Katsura thank you for helping me kick off all that weight.”