Martin Was Pre-Diabetic and Lost 60 Pounds

“Aloha – my name is Martin and this is my story –

Diabetes runs rampant through my Dad’s side of the family. His mother died of complications and my Dad has many relatives that were / are diabetic. My Dad refused to do anything about his diabetes and it set off a chain reaction of health issues that ultimately killed him. Though my family and I did our best to assist Dad and take care of him, there was not much we could do. He let his diabetes and other health issues go on for too long. My Dad died in April of 2002 at 76 years old. This was so needless.

I knew I was at risk due to my weight and heredity. I went for a physical and found that I was 60 lbs overweight and pre-diabetic.

Diabetes was around the corner… unless I did something about it NOW!”

My wife did some research on the ‘net and suggested we try something called “dietMD Hawaii” at Queens Hospital. It was a Doctor supervised Diet Program accompanied by moderate exercise.

We scheduled a free consultation with Dr. Katsura. We liked what we heard and signed aboard. On the first Saturday of July, 2012 I started the program. I was 240 lbs and pre-diabetic.

I can’t recall how many pounds I lost in the first 3 weeks, but it was noticeable. But more importantly, my blood sugar went from pre-diabetic to NORMAL in those 3 weeks.

I didn’t look back. This was not hard to do because I got immediate results and was motivated. I continued the program and did just as Dr. Katsura told me, eating what was on my list of approved food (lean protein) and in the subscribed daily amounts.

I did not cheat. Not once. I also walked 3 miles at a brisk pace 3 to 4 days a week. The weight came off by the pounds.

In 4 months I went from 240 to 178 with normal blood sugar. I exceeded my goal of 180 by 2 pounds.

Then Dr. Katsura adjusted my diet program to increase my calories to MAINTAIN my weight loss.

This is by far the best money I have ever spent. Losing weight and avoiding or even REVERSING Diabetes is a gift not only for yourself, but for your loved ones who will not have to take care of you when you are not able to. There are enough health issues that may come upon us as we age, there is no need to accept diabetes. Not when you can do something about it. There are other health issues that can be avoided by getting your weight under control. This program can help you do that.

No surgery, no gimmicks. Get with the program and have the discipline to stick to it. It worked for me, it will work for you.”

– Martin G.