Marie Lost 37 Pounds

“At the beginning of the year, I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. And diabetes runs in my family. And I decided that I need to do the correct way of losing weight. I don’t want to be diabetic. I have to lose the weight and that’s my main goal. That’s to be healthy In the right way.

I had to lose the weight to prove that I could get rid of the diabetes that runs in our family. So I got to see Dr. Katsura, started the program and learned a lot from him. I learned how to eat correctly. I thought I was eating correctly, and everybody thought that I was always eating healthy. Fruits, vegetables, chicken, lean meats and everything and my husband could always eat all the fatty foods and I always eat right. And I‘m the one with the problem and he’s the healthy one. So I knew it was my way and I wasn’t doing it correctly.

So throughout the program, he’d asked me what I liked to eat. He showed me what I can do. And I had to count calories, and make sure I keep up with my exercise, and I always exercise, but it was not enough. I picked up another class, and throughout the time, it was four times a week instead of three times a week and counting calories. It made a big difference knowing what to eat.

So Dr. Katsursa taught me how to count calories, which foods to eat, how many calories per food, the servings and everything. I weigh my food and everything, and I got to the point where I could just see it, and knew how much it was. And I was surprised with that and I say, ‘got it’, you know? He really encouraged me to keep it up and everything. And I knew he was really sincere.

I started in May and my dad passed away in July. And Dr. Katsura was very supportive and told me so. I got on the plan and lost 40 pounds in no time. My goal was to lose at least 20 pounds, but I even doubled that! And I really think it’s because of my counting and learning what to eat. It’s really a lifestyle change.

I feel good. I have a lot of energy. I work out a lot more. And now my husband is happy because now I’m back at working weights and he can see my cuts and my muscles since I don’t have the fats anymore. I am proud that I’m getting stronger and everything, which is something when you’re at an age where it’s very hard to lose weight. When you’re 55, you’ll think, that’s it, but no, you can do a lot more and everything. I just call classes, do weights with my husband, when he wants me to do it. And learn from him, and so build my muscles, because you need to build the muscles to burn the fats.”

– Marie S.