Jon Dropped Over 75 Pounds

“I started the program in August of 2012 and I lost most of my weight in about 4 months like 80 lbs and on occasion I would still see Dr. Katsura but not too often anymore.

The maintenance part has been pretty easy. The program has taught me how to eat right and the amount of intake and exercise. The program actually taught me a lot in the last year or so that I’ve lost most of my weight.

In the beginning it was difficult because you’re restricted on the amount of calories that you’re taking but the food was awesome for me. I had no problem eating the regular food on a day-to-day basis.”

Jon’s Advice To Those Who Want to Lose Weight

“I would tell them that they have to be ready to lose weight and I think that this dietMD Hawaii program of Dr. Katsura’s is one of the better programs that I’ve looked into and it’s easy. The weight comes off very quickly. He basically helps you maintain your weight loss throughout the program, which is great.

I would recommend dietMD Hawaii and Dr. Katsura to anyone who’s looking to lose some weight. The program is short. The weight comes off very quickly and you’re monitored by Dr. Katsura on a weekly basis. Honestly, I think this is one of the best programs around for anybody who’s serious about losing weight quickly.

I would recommend Dr. Katsura and dietMD Hawaii to anybody who’s really serious about losing weight. The program is simple, it’s quick. They monitor you and basically it’s a good support staff that they have that takes good care of you.”

“I was surfing the internet for diet programs and came across dietMD Hawaii. I was horribly overweight most of my adult life, then diagnosed with sleep apnea a year ago and decided it was time to do something about it.

I began the program in mid-August 2012 and the first week weigh in I lost 12 lbs. and the second week I lost another 8 lbs. By the end of December I lost 80 lbs. I went from a 42 waist to 32, and a XXL shirt to a small/med. I no longer use my CPAP to sleep, my blood pressure is now normal, and I’m off Triglyceride medication.

It was a long struggle with weight issues but a short journey to lose the extra pounds. It’s hard to imagine I was carrying an equivalent of four twenty pound bags of rice on my body. My life has changed in four months due to Dr. Katsura and his program. His support, detailed diet program and exercise definitely made losing the weight easier without being hungry or having cravings and I was able to surpass my original weight loss goal.

The best part of my weight loss journey is the attention and compliments from co-workers, friends and family. The shock and amazement on their faces is priceless! I’ve been asked on so many occasions “what happened?” And I share with them dietMD Hawaii and Dr. Bruce.

I am so proud of my accomplishment since being overweight has been a struggle my entire life, but most of all I am so thankful to Dr. Katsura for developing his awesome program and his staff for their support! dietMD Hawaii & Dr. Katsura have changed my life and taught me how to manage my new lifestyle and I am definitely a new man.

Mahalo Dr. Katsura!”

– Jon M.