Jeannie Lost 22 Pounds

Jeannie initially lost 22 pounds with dietMD Hawaii, but in her update this year she’s now lost 28 pounds!

“I said, “I don’t want to because I’ve been trying all these diets and it’s the same thing.” He (her husband) was reading upon it and he said, “There’s a lot of people that lost weight, you know.”

When I first started, within the three months, I lost 20 pounds and that was really quick for me. I could see a big difference. Not only was I losing the weight, I was also toning my body. I was feeling sexy!”

Testimonials Like This One Helped Her Have Hope

“I found out about Dr. Katsura and the dietMD Hawaii program through my husband. He saw his ad in the newspaper, the Midweek, told me about it and I said no. I told my husband I do not believe in that because I have tried all these other stuff and none worked. But my husband was persistent and gave me the confidence to try and do it. Somehow, the testimonials on the Midweek magazine made my husband think that the program works and it will also work for me, too.”

She Didn’t Like The Way She Used to Feel

“The reason I agreed to give it a try because every morning, I would wake up and I did not like the way I felt. I did not have the energy and felt sluggish. So, finally, I said okay. We made an arrangement and went.

Once we arrived, we were welcomed warmly by the staff and Dr. Katsura. At first I was embarrassed to divulge my weight but since they were so accommodating, I felt at ease immediately.”

Then She Felt Better… and Sexier!

“I started on the program, January of this year, coming from the winter break and all of that food. The first 2 to 4 weeks was kind of hard because I was on a strict diet but my husband and Dr. Katsura motivated me to go on.

When I noticed that I was finally losing weight, all of a sudden, I felt better and sexier! My husband tells me, I am getting more beautiful and of course, that makes me happy! My neighbors would ask me “what are you doing? You are looking good!” So, I told them about the program and they were really happy for me!”

Earlier “Fad” Diets Didn’t Work

“Prior to enrolling myself in Dr. Katsura’s program, I was doing the OxyElite, but they had to discontinue and took it out from the shelf. At first, it was working for me because I lost 3 pounds, until I was getting headaches and had to stop it. I also tried the “wraps” to lose some inches but that didn’t work the way I wanted it to. It works on the day you are using it but the inches would come back once you discontinue using it. I also took diet pills off-the-counter like GNB but with that, I would only lose a little for 3 weeks and after that, I would go into plateau.”

A Personalized Physician-Supervised Program Did!

“The huge difference of dietMD Hawaii is Dr. Katsura would be “watching” my weight, how I am progressing with the program, if I am doing the things that needed to be done, among other things.

Dr. Katsura also made a personalized program for me and works around my schedule. My husband’s co-worker is also under the Diet MD program but he has a different plan than mine and he also lost a lot of weight. About me, in just 4 months of being in the program, I already lost 25 pounds!

I would definitely recommend dietMD Hawaii to those who, just like me, have tried other programs but did not see acceptable results.

I want to say thank you Dr. Katsura, for making me feel good about myself. I love your program! Thank you also for making me one of the family.”

Here’s Jeannie’s Update for 2015:

“I was 160 and I felt very sluggish. I was still active but I felt sluggish and I felt fat. So, when the commercial came on for Dr Katsura, my husband said, “Try it.”

When I first started, within the three months, I lost 20 pounds and that was really quick for me and that was really good. I could see a big difference. Not only was I losing the weight, I was also toning my body and I was feeling sexy.

My energy level is much better now than what it was before. I mean, I was active but not as active this time.

I gave away my old clothes ’cause I didn’t want to go back to that lifestyle.”

It’s Important for the Doctor to be Involved in the Maintenance Phase

“After you lose the weight that you’ve achieved, to maintain it, it’s kind of hard because when you reach that goal, you start to go backwards a little. Just a little. But you pick yourself up and you do it again.

Well, I haven’t seen him for like a month and I’ve noticed that I went a little backwards. So, when I called to make another appointment, I said, “I have to go back to you.” because this way he will at least see what I’ve been doing and what was wrong. So from there, it just makes a big difference where he could tell me, “Okay, this is what you’ve been doing wrong. This is what you should be doing.”

I kept it up, I kept it up. And I’m still trying to get to that… get to that point where I really wanna become that part that goes, ‘Ah!’ feeling.”

Jeannie Loves dietMD Hawaii and Staff

“I just love them. They’re very nice and they make you feel good. You don’t feel embarrassed.”

Jeannie Thanks Dr. Katsura

“Dr Katsura, you just saved my life and I just thank you. Yes, thank you very much. I feel sexy again.”