Jamie Lost Over 40 Pounds

“I used to actually live in constant pain. I have a lot of old injuries. I don’t have that pain anymore. The other things that I have noticed is I’m a lot more confident, I’m able to speak up more and it’s almost like I just found my voice.”

Jamie Decided to Do Something to Improve Her Health

“I had gained a lot of weight throughout the years especially after having my son and then in fall break in October, I actually had my annual visit with the doctor and he’s telling me, “Your cholesterol is going up and your blood pressure is not so good.” So, that’s when I decided I got to do something about it.

So I started in October and its now May, so about 7 months. I’ve lost 41 pounds so I was really successful at the beginning and then there were the holidays so, at that time, I kind of plateaued and was not able to maintain and kind of cheated a bit but after that, got back into it and was able to do a lot better. My original goal was to lose 40 pounds and then I’ve since decided to lose 5 more so that’s where I’m at now.

I’m still losing weight. I may have 4 more pounds to go, then, once I reach that goal, I’m going to go into the maintenance.”

They Don’t Recognize Me

“It’s really interesting. I’ve done trainings while I’ve seen some people on one month, and then the next month they’ll see me and they won’t even recognize me. I had to get used to it because I say hi to people and they have a blank stare. They’ll be like, “Who are you?” They don’t recognize me. It’s kind of interesting.”

Jamie Has So Much More Energy

“I have so much more energy. My son is really happy. I used to be tired at the end of the day, running around after kids. To be able to come home and to be able to have that energy and spend time with him has been really, really nice.”

It’s Important to be on a Medically Supervised Program

“At one point, because I lost a lot of weight, my hair started falling out and he (Dr. Katsura) was able to say that “You need to take more of these vitamins.” So, it’s really nice that he could adjust my program. For some who are on the program, they are able to take medication to help curb your appetite. That was too strong for me. Actually, I was able to lose the weight without that, so it’s really nice to have him tailor the program to my needs.”

No More Pain for Jamie

“I used to actually live in constant pain. I have lot of old injuries. I don’t have that pain anymore. The other things that I have noticed is I’m a lot more confident. I’m able to speak up more and I almost feel like I just found my voice.”

It’s Life Changing

“What I’ve seen in this program is the behavior change and after being on it for a few weeks, you see some results and that reinforces you to want to do more. It was really nice to be able to do this program, get the results, and then be reinforced to keep making progress. I think that was the key for me and then to be educated. I felt empowered where I could make good, healthy choices on what to eat, how I’m going to eat and what portion size I’m going to eat. So, it’s been life changing.”

Jamie’s Message for Dr. Katsura

“You totally changed my life and I’m a whole different person. I’m very confident and I feel really good. It’s like I’m a new person.”