Glenn and Phyllis Lost 30 Pounds EACH

“Re: Dr. Katsura dietMD Hawaii Weight Control Program

‘Our Lifestyle Change’ Testimonial

Thank you Dr. Katsura for changing our lifestyle.

Big and bold statements… but true:

When trying on new clothes the usual thoughts of…

‘it’s a little snug but if I lose weight it will fit, eventually…’

‘love handles and muffin tops bulging over the slacks waist band…’

‘the front pleats are not as prominent as they should be…’

‘tucking in my shirt/blouse will look awful…’

But now those feelings are gone!

  • We’ve changed from dwelling in low self-esteem, to feeling confident
  • Feeling heavy (fat), to feeling svelte
  • We also feel wonderful when shopping for clothes that makes us both look and feel good
  • We no longer have the aches and pains, poor circulation, high blood pressure levels and cholesterol issues that develop with weight gain and poor eating habits.

There wasn’t the usual weakness, fatigue and hunger that we always felt during our previous weight loss battles, which eventually would win out and cause us to lose our war with fat. We would gain it all back and sometimes more. We each lost 30 pounds in less than 3 months and now feel wonderfully content and healthy!

Dr. Katsura’s regimen of vitamins, laxatives, an appetite suppressant, caloric count, staged food group selections, and an exercise program made it all happen. A “life change” that truly works! We are now off the suppressant and staged food selections and are currently in a new and regular routine of daily exercise, eating from all of the necessary food groups, watching our caloric intake, taking multi-vitamins, etc.

We feel so confident with our new lifestyle and truly believe we couldn’t have done it without Dr. Katsura’s counseling and guidance.

Also, a huge Mahalo to his excellent support staff for their compassion, understanding and encouragement throughout the process.

Aloha and Mahalo,”

– Glenn and Phyllis