Crystal Lost Over 40 Pounds

“I found out about dietMD Hawaii thru the Midweek. I just moved back from Colorado and after trying so many diet plans I came across that one and it kinda took me a while to decide if I wanna to try another plan and I looked up his website and everything looked good so I made an appointment and came in and saw him.

I just moved back from Colorado when I found out about dietMD Hawaii thru Midweek. I have tried many diet plans before, most of them caused me headaches or made me sluggish, so it took me a while to decide if I am ready to try another plan. Nevertheless, I looked at their website and called for an appointment.”

I Thought It Would Be Hard

“The staff was accommodating and nice. After attending the presentation and learned that the plan was “no carbs, protein only”, I told myself, this would be hard! But after engaging myself, I found out it wasn’t really bad. It’s a matter of getting yourself used to the plan.

During the first week, I lost 3 pounds and had the energy to go for my walk. After shedding off some pounds, I started going to the gym. Even my husband, who is an “exercise freak”, would say “whoa, you’re going to the gym again?!” And it really inspires me to hear that from him.”

One-On-One Personalized Consultation Helped

“Knowing that the plan would let me go visit Dr. Katsura on a regular basis, that gave me the feeling of accountability, and that is important to me. I liked it, in fact!

He’d tell me what is working with me and what is not. He’d say, “let’s try this one for now and drop this one. ” I just love that “one-on-one, personalized” consultation. His plan is not a one-size-fits-all plan. For me, that what makes the dietMD Hawaii’s plan better than the ones I have tried before.”

Lost 45 Pounds Already!

“Right now, I’m happy to say that I have lost 45 pounds already. I just started the program during Thanksgiving, last year. But I still want to lose 20 to 25 pounds more and I am confident that with the dietMD Hawaii plan, I will achieve that!”

I Have My Confidence Back

“Being a Hula dancer, I am always in front of many people, performing. Because of the weight I lost, I have lots of energy now and I’ve got my confidence back. My family and friends are saying “what have you been doing lately? You look so good!” And of course, I share to them “my secret”. Before, I did not want to be in pictures, but now, I want to be in every single one of them!

Thanks to dietMD Hawaii for bringing my confidence back!”