Clyde Dropped 93 Pounds

Clyde N. heard about dietMD Hawaii at work. Here’s his story of how he lost 40 pounds, and then kept going till he lost 93 pounds, and kept the weight off too.
“We have an annual safety meetings and this guy came. He went through the program. And he came and he passed out cards, told us about his experience and I was really contemplating gastric but I guess this was another way. I tried all kinds of south beach and all that, so I just went through, I don’t know, stumbling. And, yeah so, he gave me the card and I didn’t call for, you know, months and then finally I just did it and set an appointment and we — I went and here I am today.”

Clyde Tried To Control His Weight For Years

“Oh yeah. I mean for years!”

Well my last flight to Vegas, you know I was sitting in first class, I couldn’t even put my tray down, you know to eat. So my food was kind of on an angle then, I said that this is it, you know. So I just thought that if I went on a program and just stuck with it…”

He Chose dietMD Medical Weight Loss Because He Heard It Worked

“Because I saw the — that person that came to our meeting, he lost like sixty pounds in six months and I was impressed, you know. So I talked to him after and then he was saying that, it wasn’t that difficult for him and the weight really came off fast on him. I gave it a try, so yeah, I think it works. ”

He Lost The Weight and Kept It Off

“It’s been 15 months now. But most of my weight came off on the first 9 months. And right now, I’m at 97 pounds lost. But I’ve been up to hundred, but I go up and down you know between 5 pounds depends on how I cheat you know.”

Life Is Better

“Oh, way better. I mean, my work gets easier, I can tie my shoelaces now. I mean I use to struggle doing that. I mean, all my clothes fit nicer and if I’m buying new clothes now, so fantastic.

And now my knees go up to my chest pretty easy so I’m happy with that.”

It Was Easier Than He Expected To Lose the Weight With dietMD

“I was surprised, because, during that time we had a lot of graduation parties and birthday parties, you know, so that part was hard because I was trying to hold back not eating all the wrong stuff and but it wasn’t that difficult, I mean — Oh the first 9 months, I was really impressed with what the — the weight lost because they really came off and I didn’t expect that but it really came off and I was happy with that and kept me motivated and I kept going.”

Real Food – No Buying Special Food

“The other ones, well, you have to buy food, you know, you had to eat special food and this program is just regular food and it’s doctor supervised, you know, you’re not out on your own. The doctor, Dr Katsura is right there, you know. Before when I started I use to go like every other week, but now is monthly, so you know, it’s at your own, it’s at your own pace kinda thing.”

A Safe, Doctor Supervised Program

“Yeah because the doctor supervision part gave me more confidence because he sees you once a week if you want to. So, I mean, he takes your blood pressure and your vital things so you know you’re not getting hurt in anyway. Like you know the other diets, you’re lacking minerals and whatever so this one he gives you vitamins and whatever you need.”

Clyde’s Prescription Medicines Were Reduced

“Yeah, my life — my life changed because now, I can get around easier. Hopefully when I get on my next flight I can put my lunch plate down and you know, my stomach is not blocking the way so — I mean, like tying my shoes and doing my work, everything is so much easier and lighter. Oh another thing is my meds was cut in half, you know. So they said, you know, medicine for blood pressure and diabetes and now those medicines are coming off so happy about that too. You know, saving my kidneys.”

And His Energy Is Better

“Energy, I mean, I’m way more active now. I mean like I guess I used to, you know not do the manual labor, but now I just jump in there and you know I do it just to you know, I wanna burn more calories so I’m more active.”

A Personalized Program Was Ideal For Clyde’s Diabetes

“For me, I’m a diabetic so he customized my, that’s another reason, he couldn’t put me on a fast weight loss program because of the diabetic thing, so he customized my plan so you know, I wouldn’t hurt my diabetes things and the meds I was taking. Even my blood pressure med I was taking. You know, like I said, my meds were cut in half is really good.”

It Was Easier Than Other Programs

“I think the best thing is, I think it was easy, I mean not really easy but I think it was easier than the other plans that I tried and like I said, the supervision that he gave you. Mahalo, Dr Katsura. You really helped me out, very happy with the results. Thank you!”

Thanks, Dr Katsura!

“Hey Dr Katsura, thanks for the help you gave me, and you changed my life around. Mahalo very much. Thank you.”