AnnaLyn Lost 20 Pounds

“My name is Annalyn O. and I’ve been wth Dr. Katsura since 2012. So about two years.”

Annalyn Got Weight Loss Results

“The first year, I actually met my goal (see below), so within six months I saw results where I wanted it to be. Afterwards, maybe, two, three months after the holidays, I was still continuing to lose weight and noticed that I lost too much weight and actually had to gain weight back.

I asked Dr. Katsura, how can I improve on making sure that I stay healthy. And basically I continued to eat properly and exercise then eventually I started to gain a little bit more muscle mass rather than, you know, losing too much of the weight that I did expect to lose.”

She Got Healthy

“Definitely Dr. Katsura’s program keeps you healthy. It’s more of a lifestyle change. Dr. Katsura really definitely — you go in and you met him and you think that you’re gonna be put on some kind of diet plan but technically, you’re actually changing the way you’re gonna eat and the way you’re gonna live. And that’s something that I was able to actually continue with Dr. Katsura, actually able to change my whole lifestyle and being healthy.”

She Kept the Weight Off and Gained Confidence

“I’ve been able to maintain my weight and living a healthier lifestyle, by continuing to exercise. Continue to actually prepare for half marathons, the marathons. A goal of mine is to definitely do the marathon this year and definitely do some kind of triathlon. I do like to be part of obstacle mud races and so — Last year, I was able to complete the Warrior Dash and Spartan. And I was totally excited because I was able to do that with the help of me joining Dr. Katsura’s healthy lifestyle and actually building that confidence for me to actually do those kinds of activities.

I actually did that Spartan.

I’ve always been a very active individual. I like the outdoors and I really like — actually be out there and do things that keep me motivated and for a time in my life, back in 2012, I was pregnant. And unfortunately, I had lost my twins and losing children or kids is not a happy thing so, of course, my confidence of me trying to lose weight was something that I needed to, you know, fulfill in my life because — health-wise, I wasn’t healthy.

And so I decided to go ahead and try to exercise but things weren’t working out for me and my diet wasn’t the best. So, it wasn’t until I saw Dr. Katsura’s ad in the Midweek and the Living Social media, that I actually was like, okay, I need to call this doctor. I really thought he was gonna reject me because I thought maybe, hey, she’s just — needs to go out there and exercise, which most people would say. You just need to exercise, watch what you eat.

But actually when I met Dr. Katsura, he actually told me that this is what you need to do. We need to change your — the way you eat. These are the things you need to look for and these are the things you need to help promote your health to be better. He actually gave me a bunch of information and resources for me to actually review and participate in. And so, I really took that to heart.

And I really believed in him so it made me excited that there is someone there whose gonna be by my side and motivate me to — to be confident and to be out there and live a healthier lifestyle. And be active in the community.”

Dr Katsura’s dietMD Program is Holistic

“Dr. Katsura really helps with the mind, the body, the soul of the individual. And he certainly has not only become my doctor, but he also became my friend. And I think he’s our biggest cheerleader. And that’s the thing I had to appreciate about Dr. Katsura because he is my biggest cheerleader. And he’s really, definitely built confidence in me that, you know, I think, I’m gonna cherish for the rest of my life.”

Dr Katsura is a Great Physician

“Dr. Katsura, when you first meet him, he’s very humble, very quiet. But once you get to know him. He’s just this kind of this — full of energy — energetic type of person. So much resources, he has so much wealth of information, that he is so willing to share. And as long as you’re able to go ahead and embrace that, he’s just a wonderful man. Period. And I think, individuals tend to attach to him. And like I said, he’s such a great physician. Great person, overall.”

Annalyn Learned to Maintain Weight Loss

“How I maintain my weight loss is staying active, of course, in the community. Making sure that I still watch my calorie intake. Definitely look at my carb count. But still be able to enjoy the food that I like to eat.

Dr. Katsura actually helped me understand that it’s okay to eat certain things, but you just have to make sure that you eat it in moderation. And you’re the one who’s actually gonna – setting your journey onto this road of being healthy. And it’s really him building that confidence in you.

So, I’ve been training for half marathons, marathons. I’ve been doing obstacles, mud races, like Spartan race and Warrior Dash. And it has definitely made me so excited to do these things because not only am I able to enjoy but I’m also able to involve my friends and family to enjoy with me and just live a happier and healthier lifestyle.”

Annalyn Says “The Diet Does Work”

“I don’t necessarily promote Dr. Katsura but I encourage others to seek Dr. Katsura’s help. With all the different diets that are out there, and all these different health programs, and I think they’re all great but something that worked for me as a person is dietMD Hawaii. I always recommend Dr. Katsura to everybody that I know. And I think, I have been able to maintain my weight for the last two years and I think it’s living proof that the diet does work and you’ll definitely keep your confidence of living a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re considering losing weight, please see Dr. Katsura. If you’re considering looking for a lifestyle change, seeing Dr. Katsura will definitely help you with that. He’ll build your confidence. He’ll change your lifestyle. He will change your health habits. He’ll make you more confident in regards to everyday and for the rest of your life. So I recommend you see Dr. Katsura.

Dr. Katsura, you’re the man. Thank you for all you’ve done for me and for everybody you’re helping out today. I really want to say, you are a very sincere individual, physician and friend. And I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my family and community at Hawaii.”

“After the loss of my twins last year due to complications in my pregnancy, I was depressed and unable to gain the confidence that I once endured. I got involved with community non-profit organizations such as March of Dimes – March for Babies and became Hawaii’s top walker for the State of Hawaii. It made me feel great that I was able to be a part of a great cause to keep our babies and moms healthy. But, there was still that void in my life with the loss of my twins and the weight that didn’t fall off.

I was looking through the Mid-week and I saw Dr. Katsura’s ad, ripped it out and put in my wallet. A few weeks passed by and I still didn’t see any weight falling off amongst all the exercise and running. Then, I was looking through my e-mail and saw the living social advertisement and I knew there was a calling that Dr. Katsura could help me. I pulled the ad out of my pocket and I called Dr. Katsura’s office.

At first, I was embarrassed to call because I wasn’t sure if this program was for someone like me who wanted to lose about 15-20 lbs. I thought he was going to turn me away and say go exercise or something, but instead, Dr. Katsura spoke to me about my health, my nutrition, my diet, and my daily exercise routines. He provided me a diet plan on how many calories I needed to eat, how much intake of carbohydrates and sugar, and how much protein intake I should be consuming.

I thought I was going to “starve” on this diet, but I was so amazed that I was still able to eat some of my favorite foods. Dr. Katsura allowed me to understand the biology of weight loss.

I started the program on 7/31/12 and I lost 6 lbs the first week, 12 lbs the 1st month, and by 9/13/12, I was able to reach my goal at a whooping 110 lbs. It was hard the first 2 weeks because my body was trying to adjust, but afterwards, I was able to adjust to the new lifestyle change.

Today, I am able to maintain my weight between 105-108 lbs. and my BMI is at 22. I have continued to eat healthy and maintain the diet plan Dr. Katsura provided for me and I am able to run a lot farther. I was able to gain my confidence back, that I have been titled Mrs. North Shore 2013 and in the running for the Mrs. Hawaii United States pageant this year.

I want to thank Dr. Katsura for helping me believe in myself and helping me re-build my confidence. He sat there and listened to me talk about all of my new activities and concerns without making me feel rushed or feel awkward. Dr. Katsura was my coach and was my biggest cheerleader…

Thank you Dr. Katsura for ‘Striving to make a better… ME!”

– AnnaLyn O.