Alexandra Lost 10 Pounds

“It was really great!”

“I’ve been with Dr. Katsura for almost a month now and I’ve already lost nearly ten pounds. Dr. Katsura is so sweet and down to earth. It was really great. And the first experience I had with him was very nice. I learned a lot about what I should be doing, and I was actually pretty surprised to learn about the diet that works wonderfully.

Dr. Katsura’s program is really personalized. As soon as I came into his office, he knew right away that I had needs different from those of everyone else. And so he told me the number of calories I should be consuming, the types of food I appropriate for my goals and for my lifestyle. I’m very determined about the things that I do and joining the Miss Hawaii pageant helped me think about a lot of other things to work on in my life and having a healthier lifestyle is definitely something that this pageant has taught me. And visiting Dr. Katsura has been part of my of focusing on that goal.

My goal date is obviously when the Ms. Hawaii competition that happens next May. But this is a lifelong lesson for me, and its something I want to pursue for the rest of my life. And so for the things like that, you can’t really put a deadline on. And knowing that I’m gonna be continuing for the rest of my life a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle is something really important to me.”